American and Macedonian archaeologists manage a wave on a hot summer day.

Nathan Werner and Professor Michael Fuller during the first day of excavation in Test Pit 40.

Nathan checking out some roof tile fragments in the top layer of soil in test pit 40.

Charleen Vocca on the first day of excavating in Test Pit 38.

Charleen Vocca doing excavation form for the first locus of soil in test pit 38.

Professor Neathery Fuller and Charleen Vocca hold the stadia during the topographic survey on the first day of the 2008 field season.

Dejan Mitev excavates animals bones in test pit 35 while Amira Fuller does bags and tags.

Dejan Mitev and Amira in test pit 35.

Boyd Pickup helps Jessica Bohlmann reopen test pit 28 at the beginning of the 2008 field season.

Professor David Hanlon and Nathan Werner wait for a ride back into Skopje from Mount Vodno while Professor Michael Fuller does elevation calculations.

Boyd Pickup, Higher Education Channel, thinks about all of the good video images that he recorded during the day of excavation.

Left to right: Amira, Jessica, Boyd, Charleen, Jane, and Nathan.

Vladimir walking on the Hellenistic walls at Vardar Hill site.

Maja Avramcevska reads aloud from the poetry about King Marko.

Professor Kiro Ristov enjoys a birthday sparkler!

Start of the mile long hike to the castle, each morning.

Professor David Hanlon reopens test pit 34 at the beginning of the 2008 field season.
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