Maya Honey

Melipona beecheii is a species of stingless bees that were extensively culture by the Maya civilization.

Home and business of Dr. Bruno In Buena Vista along lake Bacalar in the state of Quintana Roo.

Log hives for Maya stingless bees.

Worker bees became concerned and emerged when I put the photo scale too close the entrance to their hive. My movements were slow and non-threatening so they remained docile.

Honey is removed from the end of a log hive, then the opening is sealed to protect the hive.

The hives are shaded by a ramada against sun and rain; a cross provides divine protection.

Young man who gave us a tour of the hives.

Professor Neathery Fuller and the wife of Dr. Bruno. She explained that hives generally last about 20 years. They do not produce a significant amount of wax. They sell a medicine made from honey for eye infections (light colored) and a medicine made for throat troubles (dark colored).

Special thanks to Neathery Fuller.

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