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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria

Burj al-Sabi

The history of Burj al-Sabi must parallel aspects of Qalaat Marqab and Banias:

1116 Ibn Muhriz exchanges Marqab for other lands to Roger, Prince of Antioch.

1186 Knights Hospitallers purchase Marqab

1285 Falls of Marqab to Mamluk Sultan Qalaun

Tower from a distance

Closeup of Tower showing arrow loops

GPS Information of Burj al-Sabi

1. Road between Banias and Burj

North 35o 11.553' and East 035o 58.322'

Elevation of approximately 172 ft.


2. Burj al-Sabi

North 35o 09.243' and East 035o 55.660'

Elevation of approximately 302 ft.


3. Banias downtown

N 35o 12.569' and East 035o 57.546'

Elevation of approximately 149 ft.