Afton Point

Chapman (1975:240 - 241) notes that Afton points are found throughout Missouri and specifically notes that examples had been documented in Missouri at the sites of Blackwell Cave and Holbert Bridge Mound. The diagnostic feature of this artifact is the the fact that the blade is sharply divided into two sections. Chapman notes that length ranges from 40 to 100 mm with most examples measuring from 50 to 85 mm; thickness is typically 5 to 8 mm. Sandstrom and Ray (2004:19) associate this point type with the Terminal Late Archaic and cite a radiocarbon date of 876 BC +/- 43 from type site (in Oklahoma).

Afton points from Hay Cave (23SN1)......Jakie Rockshelter, 23BY388.......Tick Creek Cave, 23PH145


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