Bonham Point

Chapman (1980:309 - 310) does not discuss Bonham points; a few specimens of this point type have been documented in the southwest region of Missouri. Bell (1960:10-11) describes this artifact type as a small arrowpoint with a short rectangular stem; he suggests a date from AD 800 to 1200. DeRegnaucourt (1991) does not identify Bonham as a type found in Ohio or Indiana. Likewise, Morrow (1984) does not include it in his discussion of projectile point types found in Iowa. Bell (1960:11) notes that Bonham points are typically found in the northern portion of Texas and portions Oklahoma; typically this artifact type ranges from .75 to 1.75 inches (19 to 44 mm) in size.

Bonham point from the Prospect Spring Site (23GR711).

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