Etley Point

Chapman (1975:246) notes that Etley points are found in Northeast and Northwest Missouri; subsequent research has also found examples in the Ozarks. This artifact type has pronounced shoulders or barbs and has a very long blade. Chapman notes that length ranges from 130 to 250 mm with the average of 175 mm. Bell (1960:36-37) cites measurements from 5 to 9 inches (130 to 230 mm) in length with an average of 6 inches (150 mm). Chapman associates Etley points with the Late Archaic Period from 3000 to 1000 BC; Bell (1960:36) suggests a date from 2000 to 500 BC. Morrow (1984:47) observed that Etley points in Iowa range from 80 to 200 mm in length; notes that Etley points are rare in Iowa.

Etley point from the Hayden Site, 23SL36.'sPasthandout.pdf

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