Rice Lanceolate Point

Chapman (1975:253-4) notes that Rice Lanceolate points are found in Northeast Missouri and Southwest Missouri; the type site is the Rice Shelter that was flooded the creation of Table Rock Lake. This type is also called a Searcy Point. This is a medium length lanceolate (unnotched form) that usually has serration along the blade edge. Chapman notes that length ranges from 60 to 70 mm and dates to the Early Archaic Period (7000 to 5000 BC) - Middle Archaic Period (5000 - 3000 BC). Sandstrom and Ray (2004:45) prefer the designation of Searcy Point instead of Rice Lanceolate; they note two associated radiocarbon dates from John Paul Cave (23CN758) of 5590 BC +/- 90 and 5210 BC +/- 180.

.....Graham Cave (23MT2)............Tick Creek Cave (23PH145) examples of Rice Lanceolate Points.





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