St. Charles Point

Chapman (1975:254) notes that St. Charles points are found in Northeast and Southeast Missouri. The diagnostic feature of this artifact is the fact that the blade is ovoid shaped with finely made corner notches. Chapman notes that length averages from 95 mm with a few specimens as large as 150 to 180 mm. DeRegnaucourt (1991:124 - 131) notes that this artifact type is found in the Ohio and Indiana: he summarized the measurements from thirty-two specimens: Length = 37 to 135 mm, width = 25 to 50 mm, thickness = 7 to 12 mm and weight = 6.0 to 80.6 grams. Morrow (1984:69) notes that St. Charles points are found in eastern Iowa and associated with the Early Archaic Period (8000 to 6000 BC). Sandstrom and Ray (2004:24) note that St. Charles points are rare in southwest Missouri.

Broken St. Charles point from Graham Cave (23MT2).

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