Naples is an important Roman city in modern Italy; one of the significant archaeologica discoveries made in the 19th century was the relief from a Mithraeum. These images are digitized from slides that I made in 1988.

Relief panel of Mithras slaying the bull of heaven.

Closeup of the head of Mithras.

Closeup of Luna with the distinctive crescent moon symbol.

Closeup of Sol.

Closeup of Mithras holding the sacred bull by the nostrils with his left hand, and stabbing it with his right.

Closeup of the snake that is drawn to the blood of the sacred bull.

Closeup of the dog that is drawn to the blood of the sacred bull and Cautes with his torch pointing up.

Closeup of the raven.
Photograph taken during 1987 and digitized 2015

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