Temple of the Natzchez (upper image) and House of the Chief (lower).

An elaborate circular procession of eight men bringing the dead body of Tattooed serpent to the Temple. Du Pratz listed the human sacrifices as including his favorite wife, his second wife, his Chancellor, his doctor, his head servant, his pipe bearer, a few old women, and a noble woman name La Glorieuse by the french.

The Great Sun (king) carried on a palanquin to the Harvest Festival.

Stomp dance composed of an inner circle of women and an outer circle of men. Almost all of the women hold moderate size drums while the men shake gourd or turtle shell rattles.

Map of Fort Rosalie and Natchez villages ca. 1728 and associated with B. Michel le Bouten. Original in the National Archives of Portugal in Lisbon.

Details of French and Natchez settlements.