J. Mett Shippee (wearing white hat) talked with Kenneth Reid (back to camera) during the 1976 rescue excavation at the Nebo Hill site (23CL11). The site was excavated ahead of the construction of Missouri Highway 210. The rescue excavation would yield two very significant results: a firm radiocarbon date for the site and evidence of very early use of ceramics. The uncorrected radiocarbon date from a nutshell sample found in a pit feature is 1605 BC +/- 65 (Reid 1984:12); this date was several thousand years later than the estimated age of the site by J. Mett Shippee. The pottery sample was small (3 fiber tempered rimsherds and 19 fiber tempered bodysherds) but they represent the earliest pottery documented in the State of Missouri. The slide of the Nebo Hill excavation was taken by Michael Fisher and digitized by Michael Fuller.

Length = 144.0 mm, width = 28.4 mm, thickness = 10.2 mm and weight = 45.0 grams.

Length = 81.3 mm, width = 19.0 mm, thickness = 11.3 mm, and weight = 16.9 grams.

Length = 92.5 mm, width = 23.3 mm, thickness = 9.8 mm, weight = 19.6 grams.

Length = 83.9 mm, width = 16.9 mm, thickness = 11.7 mm, and weight = 15.7 grams.

Length = 72.7 mm, width = 19.7 mm, thickness = 9.8 mm, and weight = 13.8 grams. J. Mett Shippee left a note that only 2% of the type points have a concave base.

Heavily resharpened point. Length = 63.5 mm, width = 27.3 mm, thickness = 7.9 mm, weight = 14.9 grams.

Length = 84.8 mm, width = 26.3 mm, thickness = 6.6 mm, and weight = 14.2 grams.

Unfinished point (base straight - not narrowed); Length = 85.0 mm, width = 25.5 mm, thickness = 11.1 mm, and weight = 21.8 grams.

Length = 98.1 mm, width = 22.3 mm, thickness = 10.5 mm, and weight = 19.1 grams.
Several artifacts discovered by J. Mett Shippee at the Nebo Hill site are displayed in the exhibit of the St. Joseph Museum. The following Nebo Hill points and a mano/metate are on display in the museum.

An India ink note on the mano indicates that is was discovered by Shippee on 29 February 1936.
The earl iest published description of the Nebo Hill site was published in 1948 by J. Mett Shippee in "Nebo Hilll, a lithic complex in western Missouri" American Antiquity 14:29-32. He wrote more about the site in "Archaeological remains in the area of Kansas City: Paleo-Indians and the Archaic Period" Missouri Archaeological Society Research Series 2, 1964.

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Special thanks to Mike Fisher (President Emeritus of the Missouri Archaeological Society) for discussing the site with me and allowing me to photograph his slide of the site. Many thanks to Sarah Elder, curator of the St. Joseph Museums, for permission to work with the collections from Nebo Hill site.
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