O'Fallon Park Mound (23SL7)

William Hyde and Howard L. Conard (1890) writing in an Encyclopedia of the History of St. Louis reports that "the Late Colonel John O'Fallon's mansion, on the Bellefontaine road, was built on one of these (large) Indian mounds, and he (O'Fallon) reported that, in excavating the foundations, human bones by the cart-load, with stone axes and arrow-heads in great numbers, were taken out."

Photograph of the mound base during January 2014.

1857 topographic map showing the location of Colonel John O'Fallon's.

Cordmarked rimsherd and biface preform collected at the site during 1977 during an archaeological survey by Washington University in St. Louis (Browman et al.: 1977). Washington University Inventory 78.2252 / 50-1.

Browman, David L., Darwin Horn and Niki Clark
1977 Interim Report on the Archaeological Survey of Construction Areas in Carondelet, O'Fallon and Sherman Park, City of St. Louis, Missouri. Report on file at Washington University, Department of Anthropology.
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