Large bodysherd with incised lines found in featuer 291 at the Old Monroe site. Assession number 1694-2c. Thickness ranges from 8 mm to 11 mm. Weight = 276.7 grams.

Rimsherd of a Havana Plain jar with bunch and boss decoration from the the Old Monroe site. Assession number 1832-1c. Thickness ranges from 9 to 10 mm. Weight = 56.8 grams.

Large rimsherd of a Havana cordmarked vessel with bunch and boss decoration. Assession number 332-1c. Thickness ranges from 8 mm to 9 mm. Weight = 208.2 grams.

Havana Plain rimsherd with punch and boss decoration and rim marking. Assession number 1769-1c. Thickness ranges from 7 mm to 8 mm. Weight = 58.7 grams.

Large rimsherd with rows of punches paralleling the rim. Thickness is 7 mm. Weight is 148.2 grams.

Flat base probably belong to a Havana Cordmarked vessel found in Feature 68. Assession number 332-19c. Base thickness is 16 mm while wall thickness is 12 mm. Weight = 111.5 grams.

Naples stamped sherd from feature 150 at the Old Monroe site. Assession number 1178-1c. Thickness ranges from 6 mm (at rim) to 10 mm. Weight = 150.3. Probably part of the same vessel as a sherd in Figure 4.9 in Middle and Late Woodland Subsistence and Ceramic Technology in the Central Mississippi River Valley by Michael J. O'Brien et al (1996) published as Illinois State Museum Reports of Investigations, No. 52. It is from the same feature.