Michael and Neathery of Safita during the muster of the Army of Calontir.

Amira of Safita, wearing a tabbord of Queen ----, during the muster of the Army of Calontir. Amira marched as the Queen's archery champion at the Muster because Amira had just bested all other archers in the youth archery contest of the Rose.

Tent of Michael and Neathery of Safita with their banners.

Amira outside of the tent belonging to the Pennsic Independent newspaper.

Lady Neathery teaches a class for Pennsic University on the Art and Archaeology of the Merovingian Dynasty in France.

Lady Neathery and Charles of Westermark examine Lady Neathery's progress in copying a wooden distaff based upon an ethnographic example from the Republic of Macedonia. The copy is being manufactured from Maple.

Lady Neathery uses a drawknife to shape the handle of the distaff.

Wooden spoon carved by Charles of Westermark based upon drawings of Medieval Slavic artifacts from Novgorod in Russia.

Detail of the spoon handle carved by Charles of Westermark. Faces like this, carved in wood, have been discovered at Novgorod. They may represent pagan Slavic deities such as Perun.

Baron Jeffrey (from the Kingdom of Athelmark), Lady Maggie, and Lord Charles at the Muster of the Calontir Army.

Lady Amira receives her AOA from the King and Queen in court.

Lady Amira smiles after getting her AOA.

Lady Amira smiles gets her hair braided.

Michael under the shadefly of the Safita tent with oil lamps.

Viking ship peppered with arrows.

Constantia receives her laurel.

David receives his laurel.

David and Conna after David's laurel ceremony.

King and Queen of Calontir.

Musicians playing at the court of Calontir at Pennsic XXXV.

Prince and Princess of Calontir at Pennsic XXXV.

Calontir at Pennsic XXXV.

Royals of Calontirs ready for battle.
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