Michael and Neathery of Safita outside of their tent in Calontir encampment, 2007.

Master glassblowing by our friend Arab Boy (Jason Klein).

Wolgemut rehearses before one of rousing musical performances.

Amira armed with longbow and having fun at Youth Archery.

Youth Archery with Amira in the middle.

Lady of the Rose archery tournament.

King Lorell III and Queen Cadfael honor the Calontir ancestral runestone and the artisan who made the runestone.

Neathery receives her award of a Lily from the King Lorell III and Queen Cadfael under the purple Pavillon.

Neathery receives her Lily

Neathery receives her Lily

Michael of Safita holds the banner of "Our Lady of Calontir" at the front of the castle during the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Michael of Safita with crossbow and Sir Valdamar ahead of the woods battle.

Michael with wagonload of crossbow bolts and helmets.

Michael with crossbow before battle.

Lady Neathery in armour and planning to fight in Pennsic 2008!

King Lorell III and Queen Cadfael.

Sethron smiles.
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