Prof. Michael Fuller,, St. Louis Community College
SCA Michael of Safita
Barony of Three Rivers within the Kingdom of Calontir

Two blacksmiths at Pennsic worked to create functional artifacts based upon archaeological examples.

Forging of a two arm trivet during the Experimental Cooking day in the camp of Saint Phlip by Ben Thompson.

Bending the iron stock to make one of the three feet of the trivet.

Heating the iron stock in the forge.

Quenching the two arm trivet.

Ben Thompson.

Trivet demonstrated on the bottom of a cooking pot.

Trivet demonstrated.

Page from a Russian archaeological study of Medieval tools. The plan was to create a replica of a spoon auger (specimen 13 in the report).

Iron rod being heated in the forge of Master Danr.

Bellows force air into the forge and increase the temperature created by burning hardwood charcoal.

Shaping the end of the iron rod.

Shaping the end of the iron rod.

Shaping the end of the iron rod.

Master Danr uses blacksmith tongs to hold the auger and punch while Michael of Safita tries to accurately hit the punch.

Shaping the auger required it to be repeatedly heated and dished out by the force of the punch.

Dishing out the auger by the force of the punch.

Approximately 30 blows were required to dish out the auger. I am sure that a skilled apprentice or Master Smith would have required half that number of blows.

Hammering of the auger is complete, but it is not finished.

Master Danr checks to see if the auger is balanced.

Finishing the auger by use of a file.

Iron scale left over from dishing out the spoon auger.
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