Tents of the Safita family on the setup day.

Safita tents as the camp grows.

Amira practices Medieval tunes.

Cedric, Neathery and Amira practice Medieval music in the afternoon.

Neathery works on her tablet weaving.

Conna and Neathery together with the banners of St. Boniface and Our Lady of Calontir, after the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Neathery with her crossbow loaded on the Crusader/Saracen battlefield.

Neathery and Alice with their crossbows during the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Michael with crossbow supports the Crusaders storming the Arab held fort during the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Alice, Michael and Neathery were the combat crossbow archers at the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Three Saracen soldiers in front of the fort.

Two fighters during a break in the Crusader/Saracen battle.

Catholic Sister and Templar Grand Master.

Crusader crossbow archers (Michael and Neathery) support the Crusader forces pushing open the fortification entrance.

Copies of Crusader coins of Bohemond III (1163 - 1201) were pierced and given as tokens to the Crusader troops by Michael and Neathery. The coins were made by Lord Bartel fitz Neel (Bart Saxton).

Evil eye bead brought from Cairo and given as tokens to the Saracen troops by Michael and Neathery.

Baronness Bel and Neathery in front of the Calontir Royal Pavillion.

Neathery wearing her Late Roman Period garb.
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