Pennsic War, Summer 2013

Amira in the royal court.

Torse scroll awarded to Amira; scroll illumination by Neathery.

Calontir shield.

Amira and friends.

Combat archers.

Last battle and we wear face paint.

Safita Family banners.

Michael makes a frame saw during Calontir Road Show.

Michael makes a frame saw.

Frame saw out of oak and clinch nails.

Opening day ceremony.

Opening day ceremony.

Michael doing a cooking experiment.

Lady Keeley the Tinker forming beads in a charcoal furnace.

Forming a bead in a charcoal furnace.

Hot bead.

Bead formed in the charcoal furnace.

Bead furnace with two eyes.

Bead furnace with two eyes.

Blue bead made in the furnace with two eyes.
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