Perm 36 - Living History Museum near Perm, Russia.

This museum is a preserved and partially restored Gulag where hundreds of prisoners were kept. These digital images where taken as part of a Fulbright Study Project on June , 2006.

Entrance to Perm-36.

Aerial photograph of Perm-36 with the entrance in the foreground.

Plenty of barbed wire in Perm-36.

Spiked iron entranace gate.

Exercise boxes behind the barrack's for prisoners.

Iron bars of windows at Gulag Perm-36.

Punishment at Perm-36 included time spent during the winter in the cold room. A concrete room without heat where prisoners shivered because they only wore light pajamas.

Sketch plan of a typical Gulag. On display in the Perm-36 museum.

Display of photographs and documents related to a prisoner in Perm-36..

Photography of a prisoner at Perm-36. His crime had been translating, copying and possessing literature deemed dangerous to the USSR.

Padded winter coat, Perm-36 museum.

Prisoneer art work showing children and adult suffering from malnutrition and disease.

Children prisoneers in a Gulag. From Perm-36 museum..

Reel of film, probably propaganda, that on display in the Gulag-36 Museum.

Natural landscape of the Ural Mountains in the area near Perm-36. The isolated, rural places selected for Gulag's made it unlikely that anyone could safely escape. .

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