Petroglyph National Monument is located in the west suburbs of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was my good fortune to visit the site on the afternoon of October 31, 2008 before I drove to Santa Fe to participate in the AIA archaeology kids fair.

Sign at the beginning of the trail.

Sun petroglyph or four directions petroglyph

Panel with animals.

Panel with round bellied lizards.

Petroglyph of a painted mask.

Context of the mask on a large boulder.

Panel with two petroglyphs possible variations of a sun pattern.

Face pierced by arrow petroglyph.

Bird panel.

Interesting Petroglyph panel.

Humped black flute player.

Round bodied lizard and bird petroglyphs.

Figure probably representing a Kachina.

< A cat image - probably a mountain lion.

Petroglyph figure - probalby a Kachina.

Inscription dated 1541.

Petroglyph of a figure dancing with a stalk of corn.

An unpleasant looking figure.

Panel with several hand petroglyphs.

Panel with several hand petroglyphs.

A boulder near a petroglyph panel with significant evidence of grinding.
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