Post Road Site (23SC2198)

The Post Road Site is situated in the area that was once part of the Dardenne Prairie. The site is situated on private property and is not open to visitors.

Steuben Point from the surface of the Post Road Site. Length = 57.6 mm, width = 29.9 mm, thickness = 10.0 mm and weight = 15.6 grams.

Midsection of a bifacially flaked tool with a possible impact fracture (top end) and possible flute (base). There are faint serrations (middle to top end) and a faint lateral grinding (left bottom). The blade section is not bevelled; one possibility is that this is a fragment of a fluted Dalton point. The possible flute is only on one side. Length = 35.2 mm, width = 23.7 mm, thickness = 6.7 mm and weight = 7.4 grams.

Blade with retouch along one edge. Length = 42.9 mm, width = 21.8 mm, thickness = 8.5 mm and weight = 9.3 grams.
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