Pupukea (OA-F1-9) & Kawailoa (OA-D6-17) Rock Art sites on Oahu, Hawaii

The Pupukea Rock Art Site is mentioned in Hawaiian Petroglyphs (Cox 1970: 97). The site is located at the shoreline. A local resident pointed out the approximate area of the site, but sand and rough surf made it impossible to see the petroglyphs.

Looking for Pupukea Rock Art Site. High surf made it impossible to search for human figures and dogs.

Surf near the Pupukea Rock Art Site.

Several small shelters are exposed near the Kawailoa Rock Art Site. Dense vegetation hindered searching for the petroglyphs of human figures and dogs (Cox 1970:97).

Cox, J. Halley with Edward Stasack

1970 Hawaiian Petroglyphs. Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu.

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