Interesting artifacts from the Renner Site (23PL1)

Sandstone with two grooves on the domed side. Length = 52.1 mm, width = 43.0 mm, thickness = 19.4 mm and weight = 43.5 grams. One functional interpretation for this artifacts is that it was a net weight.

Broken groundstone artifact that is domed on one side and flat on the other. The material is non-local quartzite that probably originated as outwash from glacial deposits to the North of Kansas City. Length = 48.8 mm, width = 34.0 mm, thickness = 16.6 mm and weight = 34.95 grams. This maybe a broken boatstone, but it could also be a broken gorget. The artifact seems too thick to be a gorget.

Broken groundstone axe/celt. The raw material is basalt. Length = 66.2 mm, width = 60.3 mm, and thickness = 35.3 mm.

Broken groundstone axe/celt. Length = 45.4 mm.

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