The museum at Roskilde includes living history displays and the chance for a short sailing experience.

Single masted Viking ship with crew of tourists including Michael and Amira.

Two small masted Viking boats.




Viking ship lowers its mast to approach shore undetected.


Replica of a Viking merchant ship in the Roskilde museum.

Viking Cargo.

Viking Cargo.

Viking Cargo.

Viking Cargo.

Michael with field and sword.

Viking clothing: male (left) and female (right).

Bow and arrows.

Iron arrowheads.

Bodkins for piercing chainmaille.

Small forge for iron working.

Forge on an elevated bench.

Stump anvil.

Coin Die.

Planchet positioned.

Amira strikes a coin.

Removing Viking coin.

Replica of Viking coin struck by Amira Fuller.

Drawings of Viking coins depicting ships.
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