Rock Art at Umm Sedara site 3

Mohammad Zidane al Zalabih (an excellent guide specializing in rock art) guided Michael Fuller and Neathery Fuller to a dozen petroglyph sites in Wadi Rum on 24 February 2015.

Footprint petroglyph at the beginning of a faint path leading to the Umm Sedara 3 site.

Several of the petroglyphs are on the vertical bluff face and access by a narrow ledge. Scale is 10 cm.

Gameboard made up of 49 cupules. Scale is 10 cm. [rain drops!]

Horseman with a spear. Scale is 10 cm.

Mohammad Zidane al Zalabih points out a group of patinated petroglyphs of cattle.

Patinated petroglyphs of cattle.

"Staff-like" petroglyphs at Umm Sedara site 3. Scale is 10 cm.

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