A joint meeting of the St. Louis Society of the Archaeological Institute of American and the Royal University of Scir Hafoc was a great success. A day long symposium on the topic of the Archaeology of Crusader Sites was held in the student center of St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley. At the same time, over two dozen excellent classes were taught by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in the Social Science Building of SLCC-FV. The two groups shared a common lunch and many individual attended lectures given in both buildings. Event autocrats were Neathery of Safita and Michael of Safita; they wish a thousand and one thanks to the Baronry of Three Rivers for their support of the event.

Professor Michael Fuller (President of St. Louis AIA and also Michael of Safita in SCA) introduces Ali M. Khwaileh (University of Arkansas) who began the afternoon lectures in the Crusader Archaeology conference.

Professor Michael Fuller and Ali M. Khwaileh discussing the evidence for malnutrition among Crusader burials at al-Wu'ayra Castle in Jordan.

Archaeologists participating in the symposium gathered in the library of Professor Fuller for drinks and dinner after a good day of slides and discussion of Medieval sites in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Israel.

Charles of Westermark discusses Medieval wooden carts.

A very excellent duplication of a Medieval wooden cart built by Charles of Westermark

Mistress Catherine Anne Applebee lectures on Period and Period-Style Event Foods.

A soapstone mold and tokens manufactured by His Excellency Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon.

A beautiful token manufactured out of pewter by His Excellency Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon. This cast pewter pilgrimage badge depicts Saint Dunstan, a 10th Century Anglo-Saxon saint - the patron saint of goldsmiths, blacksmiths and metalworkers.

Asa Eger (University of Chicago) presented two papers in the symposium on Crusader Archaeological sites. His papers were entitled "Early Islamic Settlement in the Plain of Antioch" and "Reconstructing Mamluk Military Architecture: Qal'at al-Subeibah and the Rebuilding Program of Baybars."

Asa Eger and Dr. Diane Everman (St. Louis AIA) discuss archaeology and the Crusaders in the after symposium party.

Professor Ralph Rowlett (University of Missouri - Columbia), lectured in the AIA symposium on "Crusader remains at el Sela' in Jordan."

Professor Jack Lee (St. Johns Fisher College) lectured at the AIA sympoisum on the topic of "Kerak and Shaubak Castles in Jordan."