Grittle Crusader Settlement in the County of Edessa
Excavated and published by the University of Pennsylvania
published 1998 by Scott Redford

Crusader coins:
6 Deniers of Valence (12th c. AD)
10 Deniers of Lucca (12th c. AD)
*The Crusader settlement was razed in 1148 by an Artuqid army

Animal bones:
44.9% Pig bones
30.4% Sheep/Goat bones
20.6% Cattle bones

Other mammals include dogs and cats.
10 cat bones to 1 dog bone [not many herd dogs]

Pigs typically eatened between 18 and 22 months of age

Plant remains:
Wheat (Triticum dura)
Barley (Hordeum vulgate)
Fava Beans (Vicia faba)
Field beans
Broad Beans

Belmont Crusader Castle in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Exccavated and published British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem
published 2000 by Richard Harper and Denys Pringle

Crusader coins:
Roger of Antioch (1112-1119)
English 'short-cross' pennies (1180-1247)

Identified Animal bones in pure Crusader loci:
37.3% Sheep/Goat bones
34.4% Pig bones
27.0% Cattle bones

3 Horse bones
2 Camel bones
2 Fallow Deer bones
1 Fox bone

Estimated meat supplied by main animals

72.4% Cattle
14.8% Pig
12.8% Sheep/Goat