Abbasid Period calligraphic bowl from Nishapur, 10th century. The large black lettered inscription read Ya Huwa ("Oh God"). 57.18

Miniature flask with faience like glaze, Iran 12th century.

10th or 11th century slip painted bowl. Persia.

10th or 11th century slip painted bowl. Persia.

Luster ware bowl decorated with the desigh of two birds. From Nishapur, Persia. 9th to 11th century. 58.28

Ewer from Nishapur, 9th to 10th cenetury. 59.114

Fatamid lusterware bowl from Egypt with designs of birds. 65.140

Luster ware bowl with bird designs dating to the 11th century?

Side view of same bowl.

Blue and black glazed pouring vessel from Kashan, Persia. 13th century 49.47

Blue and black glazed bowl from Kashan, Persia. 12th or 13th century 49.47

Bowl with open work under a blue glaze. Kasha, Persia during 12th or 13th century. 49.179

Sideview of open work bowl.

Jug from 13th century Kashan, Persia. 50.93

Mina'i ware style bowl from 13th century, Persia. 53.48

Luster ware bowl with design of seated woman. Kashan, Persia 13th century. 40.167

Details of Kashan bowl.