Blue and Black glazed bowl with an Arabic inscription from the 13th century.

Closeup of the Arabic inscription.

A large green glazed bowl that is very typical of Tuneinir during the 13th century. This ware variety at Tuneinir is nicknamed K-Mart greenglaze.

Several lusterware bowls have been found in the ruins of 13th century houses at Tuneinir. This variety is generally termed Raqqa lusterware with the assumption that its point of production was Raqqa on the Euphrates.

Splash Glaze bowl typical of 13th century domestic pottery. Discovered among the elite houses near the summit of the city in locus 213016. 34 cm. diameter and 10.2 cm. tall.

Ayyubid Period Green glaze bowl found in Area 1, Square 33, locus 32 (reg. no. 8369).