Ottoman Glaze bowl, 17th c., Damascus

Glazed bottle inscribed "Hajja Aja"; 13th c.

Abbasid style bow, 9th to 10th century from Mesopotamia catalog c.405-1940.

10 to 11th c. glazed oil lamp from Fustat, Egypt.

Light Green Ware with molded design from Mesopotamia 12-13th c. C.168-1939.

Moldmade slipper lamp, 8 9th c. lamp from Jerusalem

Syrian Blue-black underglaze, 15th c.

Raqqa (Syria) kiln waster 12-13th c. given by Sir Charles Marling, c.111-1909

Casual Ware decorated jar typical of the Ilkanid Period (14th century) donated by Sir Leonard Wooley. From al-Mina near Antioch.

Abbasid style bowl with calligraphic inscription and pear-like plotches of glaze. 9th to 10th century. Mesopotamia c. 268-1919.

Fatamid Lamp from Fustat, Egypt 10-11th c.