Abbasid style Light Green ware water jug with "turbans" on the handles from Al-Mina near Antioch, 9 to 10th century.

VaBlueGlazedJug.jpg Damascus Jug with silver lip; middle of 16th century

Ayyubid style footed Glazed Bowl, Raqqa (Syria) c. 198-1912

Ayyubid style bowl, Raqqa (Syria). C. 84.1899.

Peacock design glazed ware plate attributed to Raqqa (Syria) during the 12th c.

Abbasid style Samarra bowl, 9 to 10th century. C.404.1940.

Blue and Black glazed bowl, Syrian 15th century

Blue and Black glazed bowl. Syrian, 15th century.

Ayyubid Period, elaborate luster ware bowl, Raqqa (Syria) c. 85.1899.

Damascus glazed ware bowl, 16 or 17th c.

Glazed ware bowl showing two saints (?); 14th c. Persia near Sultanabad.