Sell Cave Burials (23PU30)

Sell Cave was investigated and published by Gerard Fowke (1922) as part of his archaeological research in the Ozarks region of Missouri. His report included photographs and descriptions of one burial.

Fowke discovered a flexed adult burial at a point 32 feet from the dripline of the cave. The burial was 16 feet from the east wall and 2.5 feet below the surface. The burial was placed on its left side and faced towards the interior of the cave. He noted that the femur was 17.5 inches in length. The teeth showed considerable wear indicating that the burial was of an adult. The bones were soft and spongy.

Fowke observed that the burials from Sell Cave show significant dental attrition.

Teeth from Sell Cave (and other caves) showing manner and amount of wear (Fowke 1922: Plate 19).

Fowke Gerard
1932 Cave Exploration in the Ozark Region of Central Missouri. Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 76.

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