Sharpsburg Rock Art Site - 23MA7

Bird track petroglyphs (carved rock art) at the Sharpsburg site were reported by Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000:119). The site is situated on private property and is not open to the public; the petroglyphs are virtually impossible to locate because of the dense vegetation and lichens.

Bird tracks at the Sharpsburgh Site.

A large bird track petroglyph is clear and a smaller bird track is just to the right of it.

Lichens obscure the Sharpsburg rock art.

Lichens partially obscure a group of thunderbird at the Sharpsburg site. The petroglyph on the left edge was described as an "oar-shaped motif" and may have sexual symbolism (Diaz-Granados and Duncan 2000: 168, Figure 5.46d).

The large bird track petroglyph situated on the lip of the shallow rockshelter.

Diaz-Granados, Carol and James C. Duncan
2000 Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri. Alabama University Press, Tuscaloosa.

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