Three anvils used by blacksmiths to forge iron tools (Kolchin 1985:Figure 92). The Medieval anvils were smaller than modern blacksmith anvils; they were anchored by hammering the pointed end of the anvile into a tree stump.
Anvil - Russian, наковальня/// Belarusian, кавадле/// Bulgarian, наковалня/// Polish, kowadło/// Czech, kovadlina/// Slovak, nákova/// Serbian, наковањ/// Croatian, nakovanj/// Macedonian, .... ...

Anvil illustrated by Sedov (1982; Figure 65.7).

Anvil illustrated by Dovzhenok (1966).

14th century wall painting from Bulgaria showing blacksmiths using a pump bellows, tongs, and a small anvil (Moutafov 1992:Figure 44).
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