Icon of Constantine and Helena in the Nitzky Art Museum, Russia.
Icon -Russian, изображение /// Belarusian, Ікона
/// Bulgarian, Икона/// Polish, ikona/// Czech, Ikona/// Slovak, Ikona/// Serbian, Икона/// Croatian, ikona/// Macedonian, икона (ikona)

Upper panel of the icon (in the Nitzky Art Museum) showing the icon of the Virgin being processed from the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior to within the walls of Novgorod. This event took place in AD 1170 when an army from the city of Suzdal was approaching to attack Novgorod. This icon was painted in approximately 1450 to 1500.

17th century icon, probably repainted in the 19th century, of the Holy Virgin and Christ. This icon type called the "Holy Virgin of Sign" was a copy of the icon that was associated with the victory of Novgorod over Souzdal in 1170. This icon is the collection of the Novodevichy Monstery in Moscow, Russia.

Wall Painting in the Novodevichy Monstery showing the "translating" the Icon of the Theotokos (Greek, Mother of God) from Jerusalem to Constantinople.

Detail of the scene in the Novodevichy Monstery showing the "translating" of the Icon of the Theotokos.

Beautiful painting of the Madonna in a dome of the Novodevichy Monastery.

Icon of the Annunciation including the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary; Perm Art Museum, Russia.

Icon of the resurrection of Lazarius; Perm Art Museum, Russia.

Multi-panel icon in the Perm Art Museum, Russia.

Detail of a panel showing angelic musicians (including a bag pipe player) in the Perm Art Museum, Russia.
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