Artifacts in the Missouri State Museum

Several dozen Native American artifacts are on display in the Missouri State Museum which is located on the first floor of the State capitol building.

Unfinished Clovis point.

Clovis point.

Dalton point (Late Paleo-Indian Period).

St. Charles point (Early Archaic Period).

Stone County point (Late Archaic Period). Reed Spring chert from the Ozarks.

Stone County point (Late Archaic Period). Probably Burlington chert.

Three quarter grooved axe (Late Archaic Period). Raw material is a igneous stone that can be classified as a felsite or diorite.

Corner Notched point (Middle Woodland Period).

Grooved neck plummet stone from Cole County, Missoui. Raw material is hematite which is found in portions of the Ozarks like Phelps and Franklin County, Missouri.


Dart-thrower weight.

Exhibit in the Missouri State Museum.


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