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Office Hours: W 11-12 and 3-4, TTh 2-4 and MF 10-12 (by appointment)

Purpose of the Course:
An orientation course, examining the nature and function of religion in human experience and culture, and an introduction to the history, content, and present status of selected world religions, such as Traditional African religions, Traditional Native American religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Molloy, Michael (2nd Edition) ***REQUIRED***
2002 Experiencing the World's Religions.
McGraw Hill, ISBN: 0-7674-2043-8

1. We will use textbook readings, lectures, discussions, films, and student reports to study religion's impact on humankind's socio-political, historical, economic, and spiritual quest.

2. Understand how religions are formed and respond to change.

3. Recognize the beliefs and rituals of the world's major religions.

Course Requirements:

1. A series of 7 quizzes will be given during the span of the semester. Each quiz will include one textbook essay question and one lecture essay question. The lecture quiz question will be a mystery until you receive your quiz. The last quiz will be given during the final examination week; it will be comprehensive. The combination of the quizzes will count for 70% of your grade. Make up quizzes are possible. You are permitted to have handwritten notes or typewritten notes with you during a quiz, but the use of photocopies or any printed book is absolutely disallowed.


How do I do well on an essay quiz?
A. The syllabus contains "half" of the quiz questions. Practice answering them!

B. Read all of the questions first.

C. Plan your time. Do not spend too much time on any one question.

D. Include facts to support your information and conclusions.
Quiz 1.. Understanding Religion
Quiz 2.. Oral Religion
Quiz 3.. Judaism
Quiz 4.. Christianity
Quiz 5.. Islam
Quiz 6.. Buddhism
Quiz 7.. The New Age and Related Forms of Contemporary Spirituality

2. You will be required to produce a term paper on the topic of religious landmarks in St. Louis. The paper comprises 30% of your grade. Due date: first class meeting in December.

You will select a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or house sanctuary for description and analysis. Obviously, this will include an interview, review of texts, and check with library resources.

The paper must be five pages or longer. It is to be finalized in the best scholarly tradition (i.e. typed, endnoted, double spaced, neat). Please make use of the free help provided by the Writing Lab located in the Communications Building. Yes, you can document the "landmark" where you worship, but that will be very easy and I will expect your report to be very detailed. Be brave - research a landmark that you have never visited.

3. Your attendance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but I do not penalize you for being absent. You will discover that each absence is a severe handicap in terms of answering the questions on my examinations! The 9:15 am T/Th classes will be videotaped and can be watched by students in the Monday or Wednesday afternoon sections. Remember, whatever you say at 9:15 am will end up on videotape for a semester!

4. The ACCESS OFFICE - disAbility Support Services has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, counsel and assist students with disabilities. If you receive services through the ACCESS OFFICE and require accommodations for this class, make an appointment to see me as soon as possible to discuss you approved accommodation needs. Bring your Instructor Notification Memo provided by the ACCESS OFFICE to the appointment. I will hold any information you share with me in strictest confidence unless you give me permission to do otherwise.

5. An Honors Contract can be developed for this class if your GPA is 3.5 or higher. Please contact the Honors Coordinator (Laurencin Dunbar at 595-2056 for FV of John Bayer at 984-7555 for MC) for more information.

6. How long do you wait until leaving the classroom if the teacher is late? Wait all hour until instructed to leave by a secretary or another teacher. Discuss the textbook questions with the other students until Professor Fuller arrives.

7. Make a friend in the class who you can telephone and study with during the week before a quiz.

8. See me if your are having problems with the course.

9. I very, very, very rarely give Incomplete grades at the end of the semester. Keep track of your grades and ask me before doing anything rash about dropping the class. Still, the last date to withdraw from the class is Nov. 14th.

10. TOUCH THE TEST AND YOU CAN'T HAND IT BACK! Can you believe that I have to say this? If you are not prepared, then do not sit in the chair on test day! If your hand touches the test, then the clock is running. You have 60 minutes to take the examination. Hand it back without answers and it will be easy to grade. No retakes after your fingers have touched an examination. I don't care if you High School allowed you to faint and hand it back, This Is College.

11. HOSE ME DOWN AND I WILL FAIL YOU. Translation: you will be given a failing grade if you cheat on a test, cheat on the paper, or act in an uncivil manner, disrupt the hallways, repeatedly sleep in class, use disrespectful language or exhibit a confrontational attitude in the class or hallways.

12. Sentence Enchancement Vocabulary -- as SpongeBob says... don't use them in My classroom!!!!

CAN I GET SOME SAND UNDER MY FINGERNAILS and EXPLORE ANCIENT RELIGIONS??? Yes, Michael and Neathery Fuller have spent decades doing archaeological research in Egypt, Jordon, Greece and Syria. They usually so fieldwork during Spring Break and Summer Vacation. A few students are allowed to come along at their own expense. Talk to Professor Fuller if you would like to be one of those few.

Don't lose this information:

1st Quiz Hints - Understanding Religion (Chapter 1)

1. Why do religions exist? Please give at least three possible reasons and defend them with good arguments (and, when appropriate, references to others who offer similar reasons).

2. List and describe five characteristics that are typically associated with a "religion."

3. Describe three different discipline based approaches to the study of religions, and explain the particular emphasis of each. Which does your teacher use?

4. Explain the distinctions among sacramental, prophetic and mystical orientations of religions.

2nd Quiz Hints - Oral Religions (Chapter 2)

1. Describe two examples of sacred time and two examples of sacred space.

2. Explain the notion of taboo. Describe two specific religion-based examples, and speculate on how or why each arose.

3. What roles does the shaman typically perform in oral religion? List three contemporary professions that involve work that might be undertaken by a shaman.

4. Describe the special roles played by the arts in oral religion and the roles often taken by texts in book-centered religions. Offer two specific examples.

3rd Quiz Hints - Judaism (Chapter 8)

1. Briefly describe three theophanies recounted in Genesis and Exodus.

2. Summarize the key points in the debate over whether Judaism was from the beginning a monotheistic religion.

3. What was the Nazi rationale for the extermination effort that came to be known as the Holocaust? What was its ultimate cost in human life? Did the Holocaust impact Judaism?

4. Assume you are to arrange a tour for classmates of three of the most significant sites in Judaism. What sites would you choose? How would you defend each as "among the most significant"?.

4th Quiz Hints - Christianity (Chapter 9)

1. What was the core teaching of Jesus? Give at least two examples from the Gospels that show Jesus emphasizing this teaching.

2. What is the meaning of Orthodox, and in what countries of the world is Orthodox Christianity dominant?

3. List three people associated with a mystical orientation in medieval Christianity. Describe briefly a contribution associated with each.

4. Assume you are to arrange a tour for classmates of three of the most significant sites in Christianity. What sites would you choose? How would you defend each as "among the most significant"?.

5th Quiz Hints - Islam (Chapter 10)

1. What kind of person was Muhammad? How was he viewed by his family, by his followers, and by those who opposed him?

2. Describe Sufism. How was Sufism initially thought of, and how did attitudes change? How did al-Ghazali change the perception of Sufism?

3. Describe the split between Sunni and Shiite Islam.

4. Assume you are to arrange a tour for classmates of three of the most significant sites in Islam. What sites would you choose? How would you defend each as "among the most significant"?.

6th Quiz Hints - Buddhism (Chapter 4)

1. Explain the Buddhist notion of nirvana.

2. Describe three or four characteristic monastic practices in Theravada that illustrate its close adherence to the teachings of the Buddha.

3. List three symbols of the Buddha found in Buddhist art and explain their meaning.

4. Assume you are to arrange a tour for classmates of three of the most significant Buddhist sites. What sites would you choose? How would you defend each as "among the most significant"?

7th Quiz Hints - Alternative and New Age Spirituality (Chapters 11 & 12)

1. What challenges does science give to religion?

2. Describe the variety of religious attitudes toward human sexuality. What changes in religious attitudes about this topic during the last century can you list?

3. What are three ideals or goals of neo-paganism? Please explain

4. Describe the origins, beliefs, and practices of Falun Gong. Why has it suffered recent persecution?


Each student in this class will produce a term paper of at least five pages length (typewritten). The paper will focus on a religious "landmark" of St. Louis. What does a landmark mean? It can be a church, synagogue, mosque or temple.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAPERS ON CAHOKIA MOUNDS, THE OLD CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL, OR THE NEW CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL. Why? I am tired of trying to grade plagiarized papers on these sites.

The easiest approach will be to focus on a place of worship that you have attended and feel comfortable describing. Thus, if you attend the Second Baptist Church of Florissant, then make it your focus. If no place comes to mind OR if you are adventurous, then see my NOTE TO THE BRAVE.

Playing Fair
Assure the people who talk with you that they will receive a copy of your paper. If they ask you not to write something, then obey their wishes. Write in a sympathetic voice. You are describing - not judging. I will not return your report, so whatever pictures or other items will forever be mine.

References and Grades
If you are given copies of church literature, then that should be listed in the footnotes or endnotes. This can be denomination materials, library materials, etc. Yes, if you are studying a Baptist congregation, then you should do a little research on Baptist beliefs in our college's reference library. Yes, you can check for such information on the World Wide Web.

Don't expect an "A" unless you have checked resources at the library and on the World Wide Web. Use the MLA method to cite your source. The library and Writing Lab can help with his method. Don't expect an "A" unless you have some photographs included in the report

Need on-line help with writing and references, then go to:

Note to the Brave So you are brave? Then do not describe the a congregation that is your "home." Select something different! Like what? Check the yellow pages under CHURCHES. I will be impressed if you try the Christian Science, Latter Day Saints, Baha'i, Buddhist Temple, Hindu Temple, any Eastern Orthodox church, the Ethical Society, Quakers, the Islamic mosques, Korean churches, Mennonite church, or any of the Jewish temples. It is essential that you telephone and ask permission to visit since certain ceremonies may not be open to non-members. If they allow you to visit, then quietly take notes and be very, very respectful. OK.... Black Muslims are a special case that can only be studied by Black students. Don't waste time trying to find Voodoo or Satanism.

"MUST" issues in your term paper
These are adapted from an article by Gordon Bronitksy published in Anthro News (by the Smithsonian) in 1991. He described the traits that he studies among the Baptist churches in West Texas:

1. Identification Information: name of group, address, status with regard to a larger denomination, location, number of weekly services, paid staff, volunteers.

2. Material Culture Variables: predominant male and female dress, printed program, musical instruments, choir robes, choir seating, collection posting, building exterior and interior, windows, styles of seating, speaking platform, sound system, flowers, flag, other decorations, architectural layout, crosses or other religious symbols.

3. Ethnic/Class Variables: Socio-Economic Status, major ethnic groups present, ethnicity of minister, language used in church, language used by congregates.

4. Behavioral Variables: age/gender of most people at the service, style of service, use of "amens", handclapping, interjections, etc. Is there a sermon? Is it spontaneous or written? Is there a collection? Is there childcare?

5. Ministerial Variables: full-time or part-time, age, education, call to preach, age at call, relatives in ministry, dress, demeanor and voice, view of own role within congregation.

6. Ritual Variables: what is the major religious "holy day" observed by this congregation during the year? What occurs during that ritual? What other religious "holy days" do they observe? Are there special decoration for these rituals? Do people wear special clothing for these rituals?

7. Historical/Architectural Variables: The paper should start with a discussion of the historical and social context of the landmark. When was it built? What is the neighborhood like? Did it move from another location? When was the current building constructed? What are dates for earlier buildings? Has the congregation changed over time?

Next, you should include a list of the ministers, rabbis, mullahs, teachers, etc. and their approximate date of service. Are there stories (good and bad) about these leaders?

You report contain some basic description about the exterior and interior of the building. Paint me a picture with words, then use a camera to take a couple of pictures of the interior and exterior; include the pictures in your report - if possible. Be sure and ask permission before taking photographs. I would recommend close-up photographs and descriptions of any "sacred art" or "sacred objects" kept in the place of worship. Where did these come from? Who gave them?

8. Beliefs: What do the members believe? What issues unit them? What issues divide them? How do they relate to larger groups such as denominations?

Ask the tough questions such as the meaning of God, role of women in worship, attitude towards abortion, role of religion in social change, concept of death, etc.

Alias of your teacher:
Michael Fuller - The name his parents gave him
Dr. Michael Fuller - The name that gets extra respect
Professor Michael Fuller - How the college thinks of him
More about SpaceGhost
Lord Michael de Safita - His SCA name
Moodeer Fuller - Arab villagers in Tuneinir call him this
Daddy - Amira Fuller calls him
Neathery's husband - wife's students call him
Madman - common nickname around Instructional Resources

Wonderful people who help your teacher
make the equipment work, handout papers, give quizzes:
Catha Miller FV
Sandy Richey FV
Ann Lampen FP
Alex Polounin MC
Brett Boyle MC
Warren Smith MC

Wonderful people who sound like the voice of God:
Kevin White, College Center
Ron Odenthal, College Center
Aaron Lender, College Center
Wonderful people who sit near Mt. Olympus:
Herb Niemeyer, FV
Paul Talasky, MC
Randy Malta, FP
Brak and Moltar

Wonderful people who sit on top of Mt. Olympus:

Chancellor Henry Shannon, College Center
Dan Bain, College Center
John Newsham, College Center

Send Feedback to:

Approximate dates for Examinations:
TTh Class

Theory - 9 Sept
Oral Religions - 23 Sept
Judaism - 7 Oct
Christianity - 28 Oct
Islam - 11 Nov
Buddhism - 25 Nov
New Age - 11 Dec

Approximate dates for Examinations:
Wed Class

Theory - 10 Sept
Oral Religions - 24 Sept
Judaism - 8 Oct
Christianity - 29 Oct
Islam - 12 Nov
Buddhism - 26 Nov
New Age - 10 Dec

1st Video Notes: Saints and Spirits
By Elizabeth Fernea (U. of Texas - Austin), 1978 (25 minutes)

1. How many shrines are there in Marrakech?

2. Sidhi Bel Habash is considered the __________ of Marrakech.

3. A Shawapa is a person who

4. Spirits are unlike Saints. Describe:

5. Why does the woman visit Sa'deyah? What does she learn?

6. Sa'deyah celebrates an annual ritual that binds her to the spirit of Sidhi Mahmoun.

What kind of ritual is it? _______

How does it begin _______

The music helps with ______

Her veil is stained with _______

2 older women and young woman dance. How are they related to the Shawapa named Sa'deyah? _________

How does Sa'deyah demonstrate detachment? _______

7. Sidi Chamharoul receives an annual celebration in the _____.

Is it a hard pilgrimage? ______

In the village of A'rent they sacrifice a _____

Blood of the sacrifice is ________.

Second stage of the pilgrimage is to ____.

What worries one of the women pilgrims?

What are the steps in the final part of the pilgrimage?

How does she learn the answers to her worries? What does she learn?

2nd Video Notes: Touching the Timeless (1992) 40 minutes. Produced by David Maybury-Lewis (Harvard) He films the Huichol Indians of Central Mexico on a pilgrimage. The video is in the narration of Pancho, the 70 year old shaman (mara'akme in Huichol language). Who is Chalio? Why is he whining?

How many years has Pancho made the pilgrimage?

What does his wife do while he is on the pilgrimage?

Matters of _____ and ____ are things that ___________

Which two gods are worshipped at Wirikuta?

What kind of musical instruments are used?

How do they travel on the pilgrimage?

2 days out and the first ritual is the confessing of _____.

What do they do with the string?

Walk there with a secret sin and _____.

What offerings are left at the spring of TeteMar'tare? Why?

In Zacatexa the sacred shrine of Grandmother Growth is covered with a ___.

Why do they paint their faces?

Why do they cover the eyes of the pilgrims?

The ________ of the ________ ______ are peyote. They bless it with offerings of _______________.

They dance at _____ by a __. Kaya'mare is the ____ ____ where the gods come ___ the people.

The gifts and pilgrimage __________.

Take away the gifts and the last pilgrim, then ____________.

Misuse of the sacred it ___________.

3rd Video notes: Jews of Djerba (1971) 30 minutes;
made by Allan Cohen and Georges Nizan for Ergo Media, Inc.
An examination of a Sephardic Jewish Community in Modern Tunisia.

When did the Jews come to Djerba? _______ BC. Why?

Pilgrims come to this synagogue after the festival of ____

Their synagogue is sacred to ________ and __________.

They refuse to read the Torah any except ______ because

What unique occupation is practiced by the Jewish community?

At what age do young men start to pray? How many times a day?

Men pray with phylacteries placed on their arms and heads. What and why?

The Rabbi in Djerba is the

How does the Rabbi kill a chicken? Why?

The Torah scrolls in Djerba are _________ ___ ___________.

What happens in the room at the same time?

___________ is God's day; the day of rest. All activity _________.

The Shofar is a __________. The second time it is used means _____.

4th Video Notes: Artifacts and Rituals of Tuneinir

Definitions of Terms: Tell Tuneinir =

Where is Tell Tuneinir located?

What is ritual behavior?

Area 9 is a large monastery on the ______ ______ of the city.

How was it discovered? When?

Cathedral, ______ _______, ________ factory, __________

__________ = _________ inscriptions

Founded in approximately AD _____. High Point in ca AD _______

Sketch the roomplan of the Monastery
as shown on the slide and label the
Haikal, Baptistery, Refectory,
Men's Sanctuary, Women's Sanctuary,
Narthex and Beth Kadeshy.......

Ritual of Entrance
Panel at entrace said: "Made for ________, a reclusive monk, ______"

Nearby panels: "Worn Cross", "Painted cross", "Spirit Cross", and "Angel Cross"

Name of the monastery? Could be Deir Nebi (Prophet) _________.

Names of the monks? Bar Denho:
Sabrah Hobel:
Bar Sergius:
Hobel ben Ayyub:
Monastery offering in South Courtyard

Iron _______ and two ___________. 9 clay _____ _____

signet says Mesretho Abd al Mesiah means______________________

_____ silver coins

Ritual of Communion

_________ of Angels; wine is "His ______________________"

__________ of the Tree of Life

Literally participating in the _____________ _____________

What is the archaeological evidence for wine production?

What is the archaeological evidence for communion ritual?

Ritual of Baptism

Beth Mamudiya means ____________________

40 days after the birth of a ________ and 80 days after birth of a ________

Annointed with sacred _______

Veneration of Relics

Kaddisha are the "_____ ___ ___ _________"

____ of St. Febronia was kept in a _____ ___"

C-14 date (Beta-135585) AD 655 to 680 on what kind of bone?

Area 11 Martyrs what is the evidence?

What does a typical crew at Tuneinir look like?
Do these discoveries mean anything?

5th Video: Islam 2001 (Video by CNN) 60 minutes.

Imam Hattim ____________ the Sept. 11th attack.

Nadirah Sabir describes the face of Islam as multi-_____& ____.

How many Muslims in America? ____________.

Modest dress is part of ______________. No __________ No ________________. No ______________. No ______.

AD _____ and Prophet Muhammad receives the Quran

What about the veil?

The world "Quran" means __________________.

What does the Quran say about Violence?

War is an awesome _______________.

There should be no coercion of __________

Islam gave women rights of _______ and _____ before the West.

Five Pillars of Faith

1. Confession of _______


3. _____________ tax


5. _______________ to Mecca

Jihad means ________________to lead a ___________ _______.

Does it mean "Holy War"?

The only permissible war is _______ - ____________

Hadji Wahdeen (Islamabad) says if there is oppression then

He said what about Sept. 11th? On the madrassah wall it said:

Grievances against the USA include

1. _____

2. _____

3. ______

4. _______

Why did Khomeni label the US as the _________ __________.

Quran forbids suicide. Father sees his son's death as __________.

What does the wife say? What does the son say?

Ahmed Moussali makes a distinction between

Ridwan alSaydh says that _____ Muslims must ______ the faith from the

_______% that are extremists.

Osama Ben Laden said that the world will now split into:

Do Chrisitan ________ represent all Christians?

Islam, Christianity and Judaism all belief in:

6th Video Notes: Video Notes: Little Buddha (1994) 123 minutes

Parable of goat being sacrificed by a priest. The goat tells the priest that the goat will be reincarnated as a ______________! The goat was once a _________. What does the priest do?

Llama Norbu from Bhutan is looking for the reincarnation of Llama Doolge (Thunderbold).

The story of Siddharta
2500 years ago Queen ______ gives birth.

She was returning to her _____ ______.

She had dreamed at conception of a _________.

Siddharta means _________________.

He was born with little pain, talking, walking, and in his footprints ____________________.

Asita, a hermit (shaman) and revered astrologer, predicts that Siddharta will either be a ___________ or ___________.

A week later, Siddharta's mother ______ .

"The Gods often betray the _____ __ _____ ____."

Siddhartha lives in 3 palaces built by the king to shield his son from all knowledge of __________ and _________.

What kind of game is Kabaddi?

"I must see the world ___ ___ ___ ____."

What is Yashogala's reaction?

His father's love had become a ________.

He had to find an answer to the question of ________.

Yashogala is the _______ of Siddharta. She gives birth to a ________. The Father says ______________________. Does Siddhartha touch the baby?

A ____________ myst puts all to sleep except Siddhartha. This begins his long journey of ___________.

5 Ascetics - men giving up all the comforts of life in order to ______.

What did they eat?

For ____ years they lived in silence

Meditating means _______.

What happened during the miracle of the cobra?

If you tighten the string too much, then it will _______, too slack and it will not _______. It is best to follow the _________ way. The line between all ________ __________.

Village girl offers Siddhartha a bowl of rice. The miracle is that the bowl ________.

5 daughters of Mara come disguised as ___________. Mara is the god of _______. His daughters are pride, greed, fear, ignorance, and desire.

Why did the girls come? What did they try to do?

How does Mara attempt to defeat Siddhartha?

Mara says "Will you be my ______?"

Siddhartha responds: Ego, you are ______ ________."

Siddhartha could see beyond the universe

Every movement in the universe is an effect provoked by a cause.

There is no salvation without ________________________________.<

Modern phase of the story
How did the monk first identify Jessee?

No room is empty if ____ _____ ___ _____.

The Dharma is the ______ of ________.

What is wrong with being an ant? With being a human?

Jessee picks the right ________.

What happened to Evan?

Mind and body are contained. Breaking the cup spills the tea, but is not tea still _____? Mind moves from one body to ______________.

What is impermanence?

Outside the Stupa View Hotel, Jessee meets _______

Jessee - American boy from Seattle,
Raju - a boy from Katmandu
Geta - girl in India

Mandala, delicate design made out of sand to show _________.

Jessee - American boy from Seattle, Raju - a boy from Katmandu and Geta - girl in India

How do the monks decide which child is the reincarnation?

The children are separate manifestations of three aspects of Llama Doolge.

Those aspects are ________.

What aspects of Jessee's life parallels the story of Siddhartha?

7th Video: Sedona: Psychic Vortex Experience (1986)

Produced by Dick Sutphen from Valley of Sun Video, 65 minutes

Dick Sutphen's website is

Sedona, ________. Special vibration energy turns ordinary into _________.

A vortex ____________- energy.

Dick Sutphen believes that anyone can develop ______________ abilility and ______________ ability.

Do you have to be spiritual?

It is like the sport of _________________.

People orient to the world as either: 1)_________________,


or 3) _________________.

If you steal the hotel silverware then ________________.

Energy from the vortex has been associated with _________ and _______.

How does Dick get into an altered state of consciousness?

Sedona has a population of _______ and is an ___________ colony. It is a metaphysical _________. The town is very concerned that it is being turned into a ___________ ______________ with a lot of _________ __________.

Where are the four vortexes in the world and what is the nature of each one?






Energy is ideal to stimulate _______ experiences. Indians believe it is the home of the _________ _________.

Vortex __________ energy. If upset then you get ________ _________.

You will hear _______ voices. Drugs, alcohol, or depression can result in:

Count down starting from the number ___. Visualize yourself doing what?

The video simulates the sight and sound of the visions. What do they look and sound like?

Hold your hands out, arimed at a vortex. What happens?


is charged with a _______ force. You can experience _______ _______. Also physical ___________.

Thought language is what?

Hey, he has pre-recorded tapes!!!!

Why would you experiment with crystals?

Where is the psychic center of your body?

Where is the third eye?

Pendulum does what?

Pentagram is used as part of his "belief system" for what_____.

is a _______ energy. Eliminates ______.

Start with a _________. If self healing then drawn down the ______ ______.

Be careful or you could ________ ______ ___________.

has ________ energy. It will elevate ______ __________.

Why was one woman there? She was asking

Grandma saw the "______" light and her crystal started to ______ ______.

Many beautiful light ________ were seen in one vision.

Flo mediated and saw lots of ________.

She can feel the pounding pressure on her _________.

Bell rock is a beacon for __________________

A whirlwind engulfed Ruth and she felt _____________. Go ______.

Karen had a big lump on her leg. What did the doctor say? What happened?

Leslie suffers from ________ ________.

Is vortex energy metaphysical or spiritual?


Fill this out and give to the teacher on the first day of class

What religion do you identify with?

What religions would you like to learn about?

What happens after you die?

(Sure you rot, but anything else?)