Professors Michael and Neathery Fuller visited Tikal in 1990. These digital images are scans from some of our slides.

View of the partially submerged hotel that we stayed at on the shoreline of Lake Peten.

Professor Michael Fuller at one of the doorways into the Mahler Palace in the Central Acopolis.

Professor Michael Fuller examines one of the Post-Classic graffiti on the wall of the Mahler palace in the Central Acropolis.

Graffiti on the plaster wall inside the Mahler Palace in the Central Acropolis.

View of the temples and monuments of the North Plaza at Tikal.

Ballcourt, monument no. 74, at Tikal.

Main Plaza of Tikal facing North.

Excavated ruins cleared of jungle in Complex Q.

Large mask buried beneath later phases of Temple 33 on the North Acropolis.

View look South across the Great Plaza at Tikal.

Guide at Tikal explains the image of the King of Stela 16. This stela is dated which correlates to A.D. 711. It was dedicated by King Ah Cacau.

A guide at tikal explains Stela 22 and its associated altar number 10. The long count date on the stela is (AD 771). The face of the ruler shows signs of intentional mutiliation .

Pyramid 1 at Tikal. Current evidence indicates that it was constructed in approximately AD 730.

View of Pyramid 2 from across the Plaza. Current evidence indicates in was constructed in approximately AD 702.

Skeletal remains, jade and pottery offering vessels as displayed in the Tikal Museum. Burial 116 found found inside Pyramid 1 in 1962. Clearly a very elite individual sent to the afterlife with a quantity of jade jewelry, rare shells, mirrors, jaguar skins and painted vessels.

Special thanks to Neathery Fuller.

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