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Area 2: Elite houses

Area 2 is a residential quarter of the city situated on the summit of the mound. The associated material culture and construction characteristics of the Area 2 houses suggest that it was slightly more elite than the the Area 8 residential quarter. Work in Area 2 was supervised by Michael and Neathery Fuller during 1988 and 1989. Work resumed in this area during 1996 under the supervision of Jim Walker. Sixteen excavation units (squares 1-16) were excavated in 1988 and twelve excavation units (squares 17-28) were excavated in 1989. A crew returned during 1996 to remove balks in the initial sixteen squares, map the exposed walls, and probe for the next strata. One of the elite pottery wares found in Area 2 is lusterware. The paste, design, and quality of the lusterware is associated with the Raqqa Lusterware though it is possible that the point of manufacture could have been in Sinjar or Mosul.

Photograph of Area 2 from a ladder in 1996 with Jim Walker holding the stadia rod during final elevations.

Layout of excavation squares in Areas 1 and 2. Longitude and latitude values derived from a handheld GPS device.

Photographs by Professors Michael Fuller, Neathery Fuller and David Hanlon
St. Louis Community College
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