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Area 4 Khan/Caravansarei (Arabic, hotel)

An Ayyubid Period khan/caravansarei (Arabic, hotel) was built during the Ayyubid Period in the southeast corner of the lower city. Attached to the khan was a mesjed (Arabic, small place of worship), stables, and shops. The building was equipped with a heavy double door. The southeast corner of the building was damaged in such a way as to suggest undermining by attackers. Artifacts such as an ornately enamelled and gilded glass beaker would found inside the khan indicated that affluent merchants used the Area 4 khan. The burial inside the khan and the adjacent mesjed suggest that an honored pilgrim may have died in the khan and the mesjed also functioned as a weli (Arabic, honored grave site a person of honor within the community.

The age of the building was determined by the associated coins and specific varieties of decorated pottery.

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