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- Streaming video of the merchant's shop door and a zir support.

- Streaming video discussion of the corner shop and the pottery kiln in the Area 6 market.

Aerial photographs taken by Poidebard clearly indicate several large buildings in the lower portion of the city. The largest ruined building was the city's suq (Arabic, market). The fieldwork was supervised in this area by Sharon Doerre and Pat McWhorter. The medieval market included a pottery workshop, meat market, bread market and several shops that sold other materials (such as shoes, textiles, perfume, medicine, spices, etc.). A north-south street began at the entrance to the Area 4 khan and extended due north through the heart of the market. At least 2 alleys feeding into the center of the market were partially blocked during the 13th century when threat of attack caused merchants to increase their security precautions. The widespread evidence of destruction and looting in the Area 6 indicates that it was destroyed during the 13th century. A few of the shops may have been partially restored during the 14th century based upon a few coin finds. Only the east half of the market was excavated by St. Louis Community College.

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