The Area 7 khan (Arabic, hotel) is situated immediately north of the Area 6 suq (Arabic, Market). The architectural details and associated artifacts suggest that this hotel may have been used by travellors who were less affluent than the customers staying in the Area 4 khan. The entrance to Area 7 khan was directly across a narrow street from the shops belonging to the meat market and bread market. This was probably not an advantage because of the potential for strong odors, flies, and noisy shoppers.

Patrick Berger (SLCC) supervised the excavation of the Area 7 khan during 1995. All of its external walls were defined, but only a portion of the central courtyard was excavated.

Pre-excavation photograph of Area 7 while Robert McWhorter and James Walker take elevations.

Michael Fuller in the center of Area 7 during 1995, looking north-northwest. The size and dimensions (23.7 x 23.5 meters) of the north khan are almost identical to the south khan (Area 4) before the later structure was modified with the addition of a mosque, corral, and attached shops. The walls range in thickness from 55 to 85 cm. and were constructed with a core of mudbricks faced with stone and mortar. This would have been a cost cutting technique in comparison to the solid stone and mortar walls used in the south khan (Area 4), bath (Area 5), and market (Area 6).

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Fragment of Habb jar from Square 70, Locus 03, pottery record 4546 from the 1995 field season.

Cookpot handle with Arabic stamp from Square 89, Locus 03 from the 1995 field season.

Unglazed, red ware cooking pot discovered in Square 47 locus 018 by Patrick Berger. The lower half of the vessel is ribbed.

Patrick Berger measures the depth of soil fill above the unglazed, red ware cooking pot discovered in situ on the floor of the Area 7 khan. Cameron Nuri holds the tape measure on the rim of the cookpot.

Olive Green bottle neck with fluted design discovered in Square 88 locus 003 by Jim Reardon. This specimen resembles an Ayyubid Period glass example (vessel 15) from Qars al-Hayr.

Twisted glass bracelet from Square 48, Locus 03.

Iron camel bell found by Chip Clatto in Square 87, locus 004.

Excavation units and longitude/latitude from Area 7 calculated by a handheld GPS device.

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