A two day shoreline survey was conducted by Professosr Michael Fuller on May 28 and 29, 2004. The shoreline destruction in Area 9 is extremely serious. One winter of flooding has badly eroded the standing masonry walls and turned this area into a swamp.

Foundations to the Roman Tower in foreground, Beth Kadeshy in midground, and monastic church in distance.

Eroded walls of the Beth Kadeshy with the main tell and benchmark in the distance.

Standing water around the Beth Kadeshy looking towards the southeast.

South courtyard where some of the most significant discoveries were made in Area 9. The soil is saturated and the south face of the church is seriously eroded.

Erosion of the plaster facade of the Area 9 church shows a different building style for the bapistry (right side) in contrast to the south wall of the church (left side).

Mud and debris washed into the interior of the haikal (Syriac, "Holy Room") and Baptistry.

Dead fish along the shoreline of the lake in Area 9 and clouds of mosquitoes made surveying this portion of the site very unpleasant.

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