The Premier of a documentary video by Mark Leach, Richard Henrick, and Christian Cudnick (Director) will be held at the Missouri Historical Society on September 17, 2009 - Tuesday. 7:30 PM. It is free and open to the public. The premier will in conjunction with the St. Louis Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Christian Cudnick tapes Richard E. Martens discussing the Ice Age Hunters who camped on one of the highest hilltops in Chesterfield, MO.
This 30-minute video documentary proclaims the St. Louis area as a major center of prehistoric Native American archaeology. The video touches briefly on the area's first known inhabitants and then focuses primarily on the Mississippian culture. Paring data from numerous archaeological excavations with Native American oral tradition, "Uncovering Ancient Saint Louis" explores the mysteries of the long-lost mounded city above the caves in present day downtown St. Louis.

Christian Chudnick tapes Joe Harl discussing the Mississippian villages in St. Louis County.
The following people are featured in the film: Judy Caito, Robert Criss, Michael Fuller, Carol Diaz-Granados, Joe Harl, John Kelly, Dick Martens, Julie Morrow, Craig Williams and Tom Zychinski. Music is provided by Native American flute master, Ron Warren.

Christian Chudnick and Judy Caito discuss the excitment of finding the Clovis Point at the Kimmswick Site.
"Uncovering Ancient Saint Louis" is a collaboration of:
Emmy award winning director and local NPR announcer, Christian Cudnik
17-time best selling author & writer of the movie, "Crimson Tide," Richard Henrick
Local author and mound preservationist, Mark Leach.

Overlay of the Mississippian mound group with modern streets, highways and buildings in downtown St. Louis, MO.
"Uncovering Ancient Saint Louis" is made possible through the support of the Michael Phelan Family Foundation, Burns & McDonnell, the Granger Contracting Company, the City of Chesterfield and many generous donors.

Computer reconstruction of the Falling Gardens Mound in downtown St. Louis, MO.

Mark Leach emerges from the entrance of the cave at the foot of Blake Mound

Interior of Cherokee Cave near the St. Louis Mound group.

Michael Fuller (left) and Mark Leach (right) during the study of the spoil dirt at Blake Mound, 23SL52.

Christian Cudnick videotaping at Cahokia Mounds.

Christian Cudnick videotaping inside the museum at Cahokia Mounds.
Many thanks to Mark Leach for providing preview images of from the video Uncovering Ancient St. Louis. Warm thanks to Neathery Fuller for her support in this researach. Many smiles to Ettus Hiatt for her help with text and content editing.
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