Catlinite artifacts from the Utz Site 23SA2

The single most important Catlinite artifact from the Utz site is an engraved tablet with design elements on both obverse and reverse. Chapman and Chapman (1964:86-7) illustrate the artifact. The obverse side includes the imagery of two faces with forked eyes, a forked eye bird of prey (eagle or hawk) and an arrow. Bray (1963:3) reports that the measurements of the tablet as 23.0 cm in length, 15.3 cm in width, and 1.3 cm in thickness.

Detail of the bird of prey from the obverse of the Utz tablet. From Chapman and Chapman (1964: 86).

The reverse side includes imagery of a forked eye bird with a long beak, a war club with attached ornaments, and an undecorated war club. Bray (1963) proposes that the bird should be interpreted as a woodpecker.

Drawing by Eleanor Chapman of an engraved fragment of Catlinite with a design resembling a sun symbol. From Chapman (1952: Figure 65z) and Chapman and Chapman (1964:85). Maximum length of the artifact is 1.5 inches.

Disk pipe (probably from Catlinite) measuring 3.6 cm. in length. It may be from the Doty Site in Saline County and not the Utz Site. Illustrated in Chapman (1952: Figure 65y) and Chapman and Chapman (1964:85).

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