Walnut Island and Cresswell Rock Art Sites, Pennsylvania

Four small panels are exhibited in the Conestoga Historical Society Museum in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. They were removed from the Susquehanna River Valley before the creation of manmade reservoirs. Nevin (2004:239 - 257) provides a thorough discussion of the rock art sites in the Susquehanna River Valley.

Petroglyph panel with two zoomorphic (animal) desigh and a third design that may be zoomorophic or anthropomorphic (human-like). The scale is 10 cm.

Petroglyph panel with a design often characterized as a bird track. The scale is 10 cm.

Petroglyph panel with three anthropomorphic (human-like) designs and two cupules (round indentations). The scale is 10 cm..

Petroglyph panel with an abstract designs. The scale is 10 cm.
Nevin, Paul
2004 Rock-Art Sites on the Susquehanna River. in The Rock-Art of Eastern North America, edited by Carol Diaz-Granados and Jim Duncan. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa.
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