Jorvik (York)

A number of Viking artifacts and features have been documented in the excavations at York in England.

VBroken fragment of a 10th c. Viking grave stone that is decorated with a ribbon beast.

Decorated bone.

Decorated bone..

Decorated bone comb..

Decorated knife sheaves..

Fine shears for use by a tailor..

Axe and adze.

Metal tools used in hide preparation.

Awl for leather working in a wood handle.

Game pieces carved out of jet.

Bowl (probably for drinking wine) found as a grave offering with a Viking in Crumbia.


Bone flute, Clifford Street (YORYM: C663; YORYM: C666).

Hood shaped cap made out of plain-woven, hand-spun, undyed silk. Coppergate (YORYM: 1980.7.8129)

Carved antler tips.

Leather shoe.

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