Impressions from the process of "Out!" - September 9, 2004


Abstract: The first night at rehearsal for docudrama, OUT!    


Body: Tonight was my first night (their 3rd rehearsal) with the cast of "Out!".  It is right before 7 p.m. and I am in the Black Box Space listening to the cast of 8 (some are not here tonight) and director Brad Baker gab on the day and mints.  The stage space is configured with tables that allow everyone to see one another and seems easy to share research.  This is where the cast is in their process of investigating the topic and sifting out what could work for performance.  The topic itself is centered around "coming out" into society as a homosexual.  The students have gathered tonight to share items that they have found from various sources.  Early on the cast shared jokes, quotes and movie lists.  All would listen and clarify what was funny, important, meaningful.  AppleMark
Each performer contributed much, but Brad explained that much more research was needed.  The cast seems very interested in listening to one another and is rather constructive with their remarks to one another.  Some discussion of how to arrange and present certain areas was discussed as was articles pertaining to constitutionality of anti-gay rights laws and homelessness and coming out.  Brad directed the cast to also identify what stance various denominations took towards homosexuality.  A little after 8, we took a break and I introduced myself to those that were there.  I met:  James, Richard, Michael, Holly, Rachael, Shannon, & Gretchen but did not get to talk with the stage manager Ashley.  All were very friendly to me and some asked if where I was sitting was a good spot to capture the action.  AppleMark
After the break, I moved to a different spot to capture some still and video.  I have to admit that once I did get out the camera, I felt a bit odd given the nature of the subject.  Certainly, only moments (about 10 min.) were devoted to these mediums and I quickly went back to my journaling.  Brad reminded the cast of the Sunday rehearsal and the deadline of a 90 sec. written/found story regarding coming out.  It is refreshing to see Mr. Baker in action as he is very open to the castís ideas and freedom of expression.