REBOLLO BLOG THREE: Impressions of Scrub-A-Thon  September 11, 2004

Body: Today is the

Scrub-A-Thon for the Theatre. This is a required activity for some students and for others, it is a chance to get their work hours (Intro to Theatre classes).  During the Scrub, the students along with faculty and staff clean the entire theatre area from top to bottom. AppleMark

It begins at 9 a.m. and finishes later in the afternoon. The day ends with fellowship and slip-N-slide--a winning combination.  I was only witness to about 2 hours of such events and sadly missed the s-N-s, but I'm sure there are some great stills of it.  This activity is done every fall semester early on to get the students more acquainted with each other, the faculty/staff and the building.  Tasks involved include general cleaning, organizing, striking old platforms/flats, painting, storing, shelving and vacuuming!  Each faculty/staff had about 5+ students working with them although it was hard to count all of the people in attendance--maybe 35ish?  Everyone seemed happy to be there, and in good spirits.  I met today:  Jared, Chris, Andy 1 & Bean, Andrew, Craig Yo Erickson (Scenic & Lighting Designer), Mindy, Ruthie, Ally, Darci, Den, Kim & Thomas (excellent swing partners!) Sandy Synder (Costume Designer) Liz 1 & 2, Dorian, Carter, Michael, Amber, Julie, Tristian, Tiffany (Business Manager) J.M., Morgan, Callie, Christa, Shawn, Chad and Justin.  Whew!  So many names to remember.  I certainly like the energy here. AppleMark