Rebollo Blog Two: The First 30 Minutes


Body: After a 50 minute ride from Arlington, I arrived in Plano, TX by 4 p.m. to make sure I was in plenty of time for my 6:30 p.m. meeting with Brad Baker, the Director of the Theatre Program here at Collin County Community College-Spring Creek.  After some errands to Target, Best Buy and early dinner at Luna del Noche (excellent Avocado Soup!) I drove to the campus to start my Sabbatical.  I arrived early and found a parking spot right away--The campus is beautiful and as I came to find out,

all in one big building.  The theatre was the first thing I saw as I entered.  The bookstore and food court as well as an information desk all face toward a very large, comfortable atrium.  I found Brad's office and was welcomed to a tour of each of the theatre spaces.  The first space was their Alt Lab Theatre-a space used by students to direct/classroom/lab/rehearsal space.   Next was a series of auxiliary rooms such as costume shop, build shop, green room, etc.   Next, I saw the beautiful John Anthony Theatre- a 350 seat Mainstage that is certainly more high tech than our space.  They have 23 Vari-Lites!  Brad explained the process of how the theatre got built and the ongoing support of technology within

the space.  He also explained that this kind of support allowed them to train students to move into the workforce much faster. 







The final space I saw was the Black Box Theatre--this 120 seater was certainly the most flexible of the spaces and also houses a computer lab (upstairs) where scenic design and lighting design are taught.  Of all of this, what impressed me the most was the care and pride on the walls in the hallway which displays productions, playbills and cast and crew photos for each show dating back to the late 80's.  The

Green Room also contains framed posters that are autographed from each show.  I know, just by my first 30 minutes that I will learn a great deal here.  Today, before rehearsal I met: Gail Cronauer (Director, Acting Teacher, Equity Gu-ru) and Tom Hull (Assistant, TD).